Free & For Sale

Converting users and creating a seamless experience between platforms




As the CEO and founder at an early stage company, I developed product requirements, conducted user interviews, designed a user flow, analyzed the web platform, and communicated user needs to a cross-functional team of a Senior UX designer, Developer, and Junior Marketers. I acted as Product Manager using Pivotal Tracker, Google Docs, and Trello as our primary project management tools.



Free & For Sale began on Facebook and had amassed over 400,000 users. The challenge was to introduce these users to the new iPhone application, demonstrate value, and create a seamless experience between the Facebook page, app, and in- person exchanges.




  • Created service design blueprint for pilot community (staff was responsible for in-person item deliveries during the pilot) and sold 100% of items during service pilot test

  • Completed app design via journey map, mock ups, and Free & For Sale user interviews

  • Secured 1500+ mobile app sign ups by identifying marketing campaign with highest conversion rate via a/b testing




After analyzing the platform and talking to users, we identified three key problems and potential value propositions for the marketing campaign.

Summary table of marketing insights

Summary table of marketing insights

*other process details intentionally omitted for confidentiality




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