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Speaking to Creative Talent Recruiters

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  • Analyzed web platform
  • Prepared interview questions
  • Assisted in interview
  • Synthesized research insights

Thank you to Jodi Leo and the Creative Mornings Team!





How might redesign the onboarding process to secure high-value, enterprise level customers on the Creative Guild platform?




After evaluating the research, we recommended a microsite specific to Hiring Managers within the Creative Mornings' website.

We learned that hiring managers struggled most with the value proposition and context switching from individual users to company profiles. Our concept, “Of course I’m on Creative Guild, I’m a hiring manager,” highlights how the new design clearly articulates the value, appeal, and efficacy of the Creative Guild. Our research findings and design suggestions ensure that the Creative Mornings site is in congruence with its priority to secure high-value customers. By giving Creative Guild a microsite within Creative Mornings specific to hiring managers, they can clearly communicate the value proposition, demonstrate the value of their members, and guide customers through a natural decision-making process.




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Stakeholder interviews with the Creative Mornings Team helped us to identify their primary research desires and perceived areas for improvement.

Creative Mornings wanted to grow their business and increase the number of high-value, enterprise level customers. Their onboarding process was lengthy and customers frequently dropped off during the sign up process. 

Interviews with existing and prospective high-value customers help us narrow in on specific changes to onboarding.

Snapshot of customer interview with Asana

Snapshot of customer interview with Asana


Recurring Concerns

  • Is this for individuals or hiring managers?
  • Who is considered a creative?
  • Why are you asking for my information when I'm seeking information?
  • Can I talk to someone from Creative Guild?
  • How can I compete with other companies to make mine look great?
Recurring themes from interview transcripts (clustering)

Recurring themes from interview transcripts (clustering)


Mockups demonstrate the research insights 

The below insights were delivered to Creative Mornings to highlight keywords, problem areas, and other research insights. Their Creative Mornings design team will take these insights to create and implement new design. 

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